U.S. Greenhouse Gas Center: Data Transformation Notebooks

Welcome to the U.S. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Center data transformation notebooks, where we harness the power of Cloud Optimized Geotiffs (COGs) to offer a dynamic, cloud-based platform for exploring and analyzing greenhouse gas datasets. Dive into our curated collection of GHG datasets, all optimized for seamless accessibility and analysis.

Discover the journey of each dataset from its original format to COGs through the below Jupyter notebooks. The transformation examples are grouped topically. The dataset product type (model output, satellite observation, etc.) is noted next to the notebook name. Click on a notebook to learn more about the dataset and to view the transformation code.

Join us in our mission to make data-driven environmental solutions. Explore, analyze, and make a difference with the US GHG Center.

Note: Not all datasets have a transformation code

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Gridded Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  1. OCO-2 MIP Top-Down CO₂ Budgets
  2. ODIAC Fossil Fuel CO₂ Emissions
  3. TM5-4DVar Isotopic CH₄ Inverse Fluxes
  4. U.S. Gridded Anthropogenic Methane Emissions Inventory

Natural Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks

  1. Air-Sea CO₂ Flux, ECCO-Darwin Model v5
  2. GOSAT-based Top-down Total and Natural Methane Emissions
  3. OCO-2 MIP Top-Down CO₂ Budgets
  4. TM5-4DVar Isotopic CH₄ Inverse Fluxes

Large Emissions Events

  1. EMIT Methane Point Source Plume Complexes

Greenhouse Gas Concentrations

  1. Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Methane Concentrations from NOAA Global Monitoring Laboratory
  2. OCO-2 GEOS Column CO₂ Concentrations


  1. SEDAC Gridded World Population Density


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