U.S. Greenhouse Gas Center: Documentation

Resources for the US GHG Center


The U.S. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Center provides a cloud-based system for exploring and analyzing U.S. government and other curated greenhouse gas datasets.

On this site, you can find the technical documentation for the services the center provides, how to load the datasets, and how the datasets were transformed from their source formats (eg. netCDF, HDF, etc.) into cloud-optimized formats that enable efficient cloud data access and visualization.


  1. Services provided for accessing and analyzing the US GHG Center datasets, such as the JupyterHub environment for interactive computing.
  2. Dataset usage examples, e.g. for the Wetland Methane Emissions from the LPJ-EOSIM model dataset, that shows how to load the dataset in Python in JupyterHub.
  3. Dataset transformation scripts, which document the code used to transform datasets for display in the US GHG Center. An example is the ODIAC Fossil Fuel CO₂ Emissions dataset transformation code.
  4. Data processing and verification reports that openly present the process we used to check and verify that any transformation did not alter the original source data. An example is the GOSAT-based Top-down Total and Natural Methane Emissions dataset.
  5. Data Flow Diagrams, which provide a high level summary of how each dataset was integrated into the US GHG Center. See the MiCASA Land Carbon Flux Flow Diagram as an example.


For technical help or general questions, please contact the support team using the feedback form.

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